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4 Common Styles of Car Tires

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If it’s almost time to replace your tires, finding the best fit among today’s countless options may be overwhelming. An expert auto mechanic can help you select the type that will work best for your vehicle’s make and model. You will enjoy better car performance and get your investment’s worth with the right tires. The following guide explores the most common types.

What Are the Different Types of Tires and Their Uses?

1. All Season

These tires feature surface grooves and symmetrical tread patterns capable of holding a wet grip. They are suited for most road conditions and provide stable all-season traction, hence their name. Some advantages include smooth driving, wear resistance, and good fuel economy. Drivers of compact or subcompact vehicles living in locations with mild winters can consider year-round tires.

2. Winter
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Also referred to as “snow” tires, these types are specifically designed for frigid temperatures. They feature wide-spaced tread blocks that remain flexible even at low temperatures. Advantages include better traction and reduced slippage. Although they are effective in extreme winter weather, it’s generally best to re-install regular tires after the cold season because they increase the risk of skidding and premature wear when driving on hot pavement.

3. Summer

This type effectively provides grip and better handling abilities in wet and dry situations. They feature unique tread compounds for better traction and grip designed to work best in warmer climates. If you use them during summer, be sure to replace them before the cold season arrives, since they have reduced traction during these conditions.

4. Touring

Like all-season tires, this type aims to deliver a reliable and comfortable ride year-round. They feature wider treads that allow for better grip and traction on the road. Typically, they have higher speed ratings and enhanced handling capabilities. Touring tires generally provide better driving performance than comfort. If you use your car for performance sport, your trusted auto mechanic may recommend them.

If you are ready to replace your tires and need an auto mechanic you can trust, let JL Tire & Auto Service help you out. Located in Chantilly, VA, this auto repair shop has served the Greater Washington Metropolitan area since 2013 by offering reliable auto maintenance services. When you need new tires, their technicians can help you with the selection process. You can also rely on them for repair and maintenance services, including transmission, exhaust, engine, and brake work. Visit the website to learn more about them, or call (703) 327-4366 to request a quote.

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